Domain names and hosting at discount prices

Custom Email Hosting

Using a custom email address, rather than gmail or hotmail will improve open rates as users typically assume that this email has come from a trusted source.

When you correspond with a potential client by email, they’ll know that you take your business serious since you are not on a free gmail or hotmail email . The same is true if someone forwards one of your emails.

Having a personalized domain email address, it is easier for people to contact you. Your customers will find your email address easier to remember when they need it. As long as they know your domain name, they can remember your email address.

You can also separate your incoming email by its purpose. Having addresses like,, and can help you compartmentalize your incoming emails.

A personalization email address is also recovered a lot easier then a free one if you get hacked. You own the domain so you can change your password much easier than trying to contact tech support on a free email service.

Lastly, with some email addresses like and , you can’t take them with you if you switch internet providers. You can maintain consistency and an appearance of reliability when you have a custom email address that you can take with you no matter what.

  • Personal Email

    Perfect for email using your personal domain.

    Only available in English.

    • Add a personal touch—use your domain for your email address.
    • 1 email address
    • 1 GB storage
    • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
    • Free integrated Calendar and Online Storage

    $2.49 / per month

  • Business Email

    Ideal for your connected business.

    Only available in English.

    • Be responsive with email addresses set up for quick message sorting (think sales@ or support@), or for your employees as your business expands.
    • 5 email addresses
    • 2 GB storage
    • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
    • Basic mobile and desktop access using POP
    • Free integrated Group Calendar and Online Storage

    $4.49 / per month

  • Email Ultimate Business

    Maximize your business email.

    Only available in English.

    • Plug in to your email from anywhere—smartphone, tablet, Web browser, desktop client—and have what you do on one device automatically show up on all. Includes 5 email addresses and unlimited storage.
    • 5 email addresses
    • Unlimited storage
    • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
    • Fully synchronized email on mobile and desktop with IMAP
    • Free integrated calendar with each mailbox (1st year only)
    • Free online storage (1st year only)

    $5.99 / per month